Take the Challenge. Which Truck is Easier to Remember?

Service Pages Website Challenge

Our Purpose Websites are designed for one purpose. Getting the customer to put in their information.

See for yourself URL’s are designed for one purpose also, Getting people to remember that web address.

Show it to your friends and family. THE BEST PEOPLE TO ASK ARE STRANGERS WHO DONT KNOW YOU OR YOUR COMPANY. Ask them questions like…
  • Which one is better? Why?
  • Which one would they remember better? Why?.
  • Which address is more easily branded? Why
  • What other thoughts do you have?

Things to keep in mind:

You, your friends, your family, and customers may be biased because they are accustomed to seeing your vehicles. You can read the smallest of print from a mile away on your trucks because you created it, you know what it says, and you see it everyday. Try to step outside of your shoes. After you ask the questions and get the answers, take the paper away. Make some small talk, and after another minute or two ask what they remember. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED.
Challenge Keep in mind 2

An Example Image of the file to download

The Just Plow My Snow Challenge

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